Welcome to the Pemberton Heights Neighborhood Association website

The Pemberton Heights Neighborhood Association (PHNA) works to benefit every one of the 640 households in our community.

The Association is a membership organization of neighbors who reside in Pemberton Heights and who work together on issues of shared interest such as neighborhood safety and beautification and who carry out social and other events that create community. This is accomplished through participation, education, communication and action.

Currently, PHNA interfaces with the city and administers the security patrol it also helps fund social events such as the Annual Picnic, neighborhood garage sales, street dances, and the annual holiday carriage rides. PHNA makes a financial contribution to the work of the Shoal Creek Conservancy and Pease Park Conservancy.

Membership is voluntary and typically in any year, about 30 percent of residents pay dues. And an additional X percent contribute to the neighborhood security fund.

Although isolated by the absence of thoroughfares, Pemberton doesn’t quite suffer the traffic, parking or noise problems of other central Austin districts. Yet, as the Austin core continues to develop, residents increasingly will see the need to collaborate as they address issues related to urban growth.

The City of Austin and Travis County are growing up around Pemberton Heights. As residents, we feel and will continue to feel the impact of this increasing development and urbanizationamenities of this community.

Over the years, a number of important matters have been effectively addressed by the PHNA. For example, PHNA leadership started the “triangle” beautification project. It was the PHNA board that coordinated with Keep Austin Beautiful so residents could receive a tax deduction for donations.

A well -supported neighborhood association provides Pemberton residents with a network through which neighbors can work together to enhance the neighborhood in a collaborative way.


» Security Program Membership


Through the voluntary contributions of its residents, Pemberton Heights employs a private security company as a deterrence against property crime and vandalism. Uniformed patrollers in clearly-marked vehicles canvas the neighborhood 20 hours per week in four-hour shifts, the particular days and times selected at random each week. Security patrols discourage criminal behavior by providing potential thieves and burglars with a visible presence of authority and vigilance.

Patrollers may stop their cars to greet, question, and ID individuals seen out during the late night or early morning hours, and will contact the police should they notice anything of concern. No weapons are allowed, each driver is monitored by GPS tracking, and all cars are company owned and insured. At the end of every shift, an electronic report is sent to the head of the PHNA Security Committee. Supporters of the program also benefit from an “Away From Home” service that furnishes extra attention to the homes of vacationing residents.

Security patrols are...