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Pemberton Heights is a unique subdivision centrally located in Austin. In its June 1998 issue, Town & Country magazine named Pemberton Heights as one of the 25 Platinum Addresses in the United States.

In 2007, the American Planning Association listed Pemberton Heights (along with the other neighborhoods Old West Austin) as one of its “great places” neighborhoods.

Pemberton Heights Neighborhood Association (“PHNA”) works in active participation with the residents of Pemberton Heights to: enhance, protect and preserve the prestige, quality and character of the neighborhood; build a sense of community among its diverse members; and, develop and implement goals designed to promote mutual interests of the residents of Pemberton Heights.


» Security Program Membership

The PHNA Security Program is a privately funded program serving the Pemberton Heights neighborhood. The program provides up to 20 hours per week of uniformed security officer patrols and up to 40 hours during times of high risk and when a large number of neighbors are out of the neighborhood such as Christmas, Spring Break, August, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years.

The Patrol Officers are from private security firm, Sentry, and they patrol subject to specific Patrol Orders which task them to patrol the entire neighborhood, check the homes on the Away From Home List and then position themselves at ingress and egress points and observe traffic into and out of the neighborhood. The officers patrol the neighborhood in marked security patrol vehicles from Sentry.

At all times, the Patrol Officers are in contact with APD Dispatch to ensure timely response to incidents of all kinds.

To make a donation to the fund by credit card of PayPal, please click the button below. Donations are discrectionary, however the suggested donation...


Upcoming Neighborhood & Community Events

» Ballots Counting in PHNA Board Election

November 6, 2014 6pm

Location: 1503 Northwood Rd, Austin TX 78703


» Carriage Rides: December 14

December 14, 2014 5:30pm - 9pm

Dear Pemberton Heights Neighbors,

Our Pemberton Heights Holiday Carriage Rides are fast approaching for Sunday, December 14th between 5:30 and 9:00 PM. The nine horse drawn carriages will begin their tour of Pemberton from 1502/1504 Westover at the homes of the Bennetts and Faulkners.

At this time, reservations have been filled for all rides, but if you would like to put your name (and phone number/email) on a waiting list, please contact Nikki Faulkner at 512-994-5677 or faulkhome2@aol.com, and we’re happy to let you know if a vacancy occurs.

Even if you are not signed up for a ride, we hope you will drop by to enjoy some hot cocoa, see the beautiful carriages and horses, and visit with your neighbors.

A big THANKS goes to Frost Bank on 38th Street for providing the hot cocoa, bottled water, and fun “surprises” for this event.

PHNA Carriage Ride Committee,

Nikki Faulkner, Laura Bennett, and Betty Trent


PHNA Board of Directors - New Board Positions

New 2014 Board positions and committee chairs have been announced!

  • President: Carla Hatler
  • Vice President: Frank Hartmann
  • Treasurer: Jane Hayman
  • Treasurer Elect: Kimberly Comstock
  • Secretary: Ally Kirk

Please visit the Board of Directors page to see the full list with contact info.

Featured Blog Posts

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The Notice of the Call for Nominations for the Pemberton Heights Neighborhood Association (PHNA) in 2015 was issued the week of August 11 along with the PHNA Election Process adopted June 18, 2014 under the PHNA Policies.

This Notice of the Call for Nominations sets out the upcoming candidacies for membership to the Board of the Pemberton Heights Neighborhood Association (PHNA).

For 2015, there are three (3) positions up for election on the Board as “Directors”. All vacancies on the Board are open for nominations by PHNA Members. All PHNA Members must have paid their 2014 dues in order to nominate a Director. All PHNA memberships are on an annual basis and all memberships expire on September 30. Nominees will be required to pay 2015 dues upon acceptance of nomination.

All nominations must be made in writing by hand delivery, US mail or email to the Vice President no later than 5:00pm Saturday, September 13, 2014.

Please submit nominations to:

  • Frank Hartmann, Vice President
  • 1503 Northwood Road
  • Austin, Texas 78703
  • ...


I hope everyone is having an enjoyable summer.

Until the last week of June, it had been a very quiet month in Pemberton. The following crimes, however, were reported in June by APD.

  • June 22nd, Bulglary of a Non-Residence (Garage) at the 2600 Block of Harris. (Nighttime)
  • June 23rd, Bulglary of Residence at the 2400 Block of Hartford. (Daytime)
  • June 29th, reported theft at the 2400 Block of Hartford. (Daytime)

To date, there have been no reported crimes for the Month of July.

I have also attached the report of our security patrol from June 29th. As you can see from this report, the security patrol located a suspicious jeep wrangler that was circling the neighborhood. When the security patrol pulled up behind the vehicle, it quickly left but they were unable to get the license plate number. During the summer months this has happened more regularly.

I have been asked if we can shift some nighttime patrols to the daytime hours. Unfortunately, given the size of our account, this is...

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